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I was thinking about you…

So they say that where your mind wanders is where you are supposed to be… or maybe it’s those who wander into your mind are who is supposed to be in your life… or wait better yet if you want to see where your heart is see where your mind wanders …

Regardless those thoughts have me perplexed today because my mind wanders a lot… about a lot of different people from different times in my life… sometimes it stays on one person for a long time and then when those people are active in my life it usually lingers in and out until I see them again. If I haven’t had any contact with that person in awhile that’s when they always seem to stay on my mind for an indeterminable amount of time. It’s not good, bad, insignificant, significant, optimistic, pessimistic thoughts… it’s just there lingering in the deep folds of my brain… mind… and usually my soul.

From the movie Middle of Nowhere
“I was thinking about you…
was it good or bad…
it wasn’t either it was just you,
I was thinking of you.”

I often feel that way. Wanting to tell someone I was thinking of them but not thinking anything in particular. But then there natural response would be was it good or bad… and I would be compelled to give them an answer based on their suggestion but I would have to go with my truth and say.. it wasn’t either it was just me thinking of you…

The thing is… we become human by the thoughts and emotions that we feel, explore, and know. If we don’t actually do those exact things then we may never have a thought worth having about a person.

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slightly missing and possibly broken…

Broken pieces or missing pieces….

Do we think something is broken when in reality things are just missing and need to be found.. or do we think that its missing and in reality its broken… severally broken beyond repair. Even if you could take all of the pieces that you have kept in a bag thinking one day you are going to take the glue that life gives us and put them all back together…
………having been fractured or damaged and no longer in one piece or in working order.
……..(of a person) having given up all hope; despairing

……..not able to be found because it is not in its expected place.
……..(of a person) not present; absent or lost, not able to be traced

When it comes to things in life should we accept when things go missing.. I am not talking about lost keys like I saw on Modern Family the other night but things that really matter… should we just consider them broken with the inability to be put back in order or in despair if we are referring to a person. I would like to think that everything can be put back together or be found if lost, but I am beginning to accept that things might just go missing… not able to be traced when for so long you knew the origin and never imagined the end point as if it was the pot of gold on the other side of the rainbow never to be found.. Some things just might be broken, they might be damaged and with time they could be put back together or they just remain in despair. I don’t know how to fix it, I don’t even know if it can be found… so instead of forcing what might never be things will remain as they are… slightly missing and possibly broken…

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the unwritten rule of “Must by this age…..”

The unwritten rule of “Must by this age”…

Graduate by 18.
Out of college in 4 years.
Married by 25.
House with white picket fence 2 kids and 1 dog by 28.

Does age, gender or circumstances put undo pressures on people and why…
I am beginning to wonder if anyone is supposed to accomplish tasks or things by a certain age because society thinks they should or if its actually what people want to do. I was presented with the question to myself really that at what age do adults need to have a job or be married or have kids. Is turning a year older bring certain requirements that society thinks are past due. I for one did not do anything according to timing of “the world.” Due to my hips I didn’t finish college in four years, didn’t have a job right out of school, still lived with my parents for a good four years, made zero income. According to society, and outsiders perspective i was not doing the natural progression of life. I remember when I was in grade school the challenge among young people was to graduate from high school. Then it progressed to you must go to college… I feel like in 5-8 yrs its going to be the status quo to get your masters. Jobs will require it if you would like to achieve more then an entry level job. This ladder of what you must achieve does not stop with jobs or education. It continues into your personal life as well.

I remember me and my sisters thought how we all would be married and pregnant by at least 25. Well I can say that didn’t happen for two of the three of us. We are all approaching our early thirties and only one is married and had her first child. Shows like 16 and pregnant are watched by thousands of viewers watching as these 16 year olds have a baby and start their adult life at a very young age. Very young age. I can only think if that was kids thinking they had to hurry and get their life going because they didn’t want the career route as I mentioned before.

Expectations for ones life shouldn’t be based on any factors then what you as an individual experience. Life does not go the same direction for any two people. And quite possibly if you could rewind and live your life again I promise you probably wouldn’t live it the same way either. Be encouraged by the journey. Be encouraged that you get 1 life and you get to make your choices and decisions by what you like, want and possibly need. A text book or manuscript does not exist for how your life should play out. There in lies the beauty of life.

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dont feel good still getting to the gym..Day 5

I don’t feel good today and haven’t been feeling good for a few days now. I am sure it is a combination of some major lack of sleep lately and going and going and going! But every second was worth it! I have only gone thru two boxes of kleenex, a package of halls, and half way thru my z pack from the doc! 🙂 Even though I have been feeling really crappy I have made myself go to the gym! I got in really great workout late last night and one this morning which is probably why I almost have to roll out of bed cuz my abs are so sore! HaHa that’s the best kind of sore tho when you have pushed your poor little muscles!! I probably wont be able to sit up tomorrow morning but the rolling method works just as good! HAHA And I am determined to get my body right ASAP!! SO if I have to be sore and struggle to get out of bed then that is what it takes!!

and I leave you with a quote from Oprah…”Where there is no struggle, there is no strength!” -Oprah

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Why I write…Day 4

So I was at target to by shampoo and conditioner well I got a bit distracted at all the notebooks and pens! Yes I said pens.. As you can see by my blog title I love pens.. I even have on my bucket list to find the most perfect pen.. I already found my most fav blanket and that is my North Carolina Tarheels blanket!! love it!!

Anyways moving on.. I found this notebook and thought this is perfect!!!!!! So her is a photo of it! It’s so simple yet for me as a wanna be writer it speaks volume! Kinda makes you think too.. So Enjoy..Think.. WRITE!!!!!


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So responsible… Post 35

To My dear iphone and others…

Responsibility. I have unfairly given you the responsibility of talking to me everyday. Not that I have or will have anything important to say to you. But by having someone talk to me it will make me feel important and feel like someone cares. Yes this is based on feelings and not actual facts. By doing this I know I have unfairly made you partially responsible for my mood and feelings for that day. Which obviously is ridiculous but for some reason it just seems to work in my mind or at least seems like a temporary solution. While you did not ask for this job you some how seem to fit the mold and requirements. So please enjoy and bring me plenty of joy today!


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Simple Things…Post 29

Today was one of those days… I didn’t sleep well at all..My puppy Maxwell wanted to get up way to early…and then I was really sore from working out a lot lately… so i just really wanted to lay around all day but I told myself KATIE get out of bed and start your day! And that my friends is exactly what I did!!! I went to the gym and had a fabulous workout..it was arms day, my poor arms… Then ran a few errands. When I got home I decided I was going to fix my mirror wall in my bedroom and re-figure that out and then I thought while i am working I will move my fish tank into my bedroom! Which meant I had to completely empty it out, the fish were not happy about that but now they have a very clean tank!!! There is just something about the humming noise of a fish tank that is so relaxing to me! So while doing all of these tasks today I just kept thinking to myself of all the simple things in life that bring me so much happiness, the simple pleasures!! Life gets tiring or to hectic or just stressful.. its hard to see the simple things that make you happy…but I am choosing to see those things, to acknowledge them and enjoy them more! 🙂

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To change or not to change… Post 27

So today’s question for those of us doing the post a day challenge ( yes I know I have been a complete slacker lately BUT it was my birthday so I had a good excuse!!!) anyways the questions is… How do you change your habits?!?

My thoughts on the question… I start with a day at a time.. Or a hour, minute, second whatever!! You have to take everything in strides! For me if I go at everything all at once I have failed before I ever got started!!! Like this weight lost journey I am currently on! It’s taken time but I didn’t get to losing 25+ pounds all at once instead it took an ounce at a time and after several months look were I am!!! More healthy, happier and looking extremely hot if I do say so myself 🙂 just kidding!! I have applied these thoughts to more than just my physical body.. I did it all the time at school, at work, really every facet! So there is my answer… One moment at a time is how I will come out on top every single time!!!

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Soulmate work in progress…Post 25

So short almost non existent post tonight cuz I’m working on a few different writings about soulmates! Who they are… Can they be bestfriends, can we have more than one?!?! The list of questions goes on and on!!! But out of those questions comes great thoughts so… If you have a theory or opinion about soulmates post it as a comment!!! I would love to make this a collaborative effort!!! 🙂

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This or that… Post 18

So here goes a lil game of this or that!!! No thoughts just impulse answers…

Eat in our out? In
Car or subway? Car
Oprah or Jerry? Oprah
White or black? Black
In the country or abroad? Abroad
Madonna or Paris Hilton? Madonna
Ocean or mountains? Ocean
Forrest or beach? Beach
Ice cream or sorbet? Sorbet
Boy or girl? Boy
Asia or Africa? Africa
Ketchup or mustard? Ketchup
Cats or dogs? Dogs
Outside or inside? Inside
Shower or bath? Shower
Pants or shorts? Pants
High heels or flats? Heels
Break or tear apart? Break
Gas or electricity? Electricity
Hot dog or hamburger? Hamburger
Lettuce or spinach? Lettuce
Aluminum or plastic? Plastic
Sex in the City or Melrose Place? Sex in the city
Brad Pitt or George Clooney? George Clooney
Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston? Jolie
Comedy or horror? Comedy
Detective or documentary? Detective
Facts or fiction? Fiction
Books or movies? Movies
Underwater or high in the sky? High in the sky
Peanuts or Snoopy? Peanuts
High or low? High
Love or trust? Trust
Jacob or Edward? Edward
Diet or regular? Regular
Buy online or in stores? In stores
Fast or slow? Slow

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