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First day pic… Day 6

I’ve missed posting a few days because I started my new job!!! Woohoo!!! I am loving it!! And while like everything brings learning, challenges and just plain hard work I am so up for it!!! I am very excited about the journey I am on and can’t wait to see where it takes me!!!! Along with working everyday I actually get to get dressed in more than jeans and a tshirt so I thought I would post what I wore on my first day of my new job!!!!


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Vera Bradley oh how I love thee!

Well today I woke up and was really excited because tonight is a little open house at the Vera Bradley Store. I am slightly obsessed with the wonderful pieces from that store. I knew nothing about it till my great friend Chloe had a bag and asked her where she got it and then low and behold they built a Vera Bradley store like 2 minutes away from my house!!! Its a little bit of heaven on earth I think! They carry quilted patterns, surely some print can become your favorite too! I use a lot of the little bags for my medicine or my Spine Cord Stimulator remote as well as all the other medical things that I need to carry around all the time. Its wonderful and makes me feel like carrying around that crap is a bit easier with a fun bag to put it in!!! 🙂  Anyways we are going to a Vera Bradley “Birthday party” tonight and they are allowing us to come early to make sure my wheelchair can get set easily and not stick out like a sore thumb!!! I am trying to decide if I want to buy anything, hmmmm!?!?! Lots of cute new things and they have a journal that I REALLY want!!! So we will see when I get there!!!

Here is the website for the Shop if you too would like to go check it out!!! www.verabradley.com

My two most favorite prints are… Puccini and Purple Punch but I really could take one of every print!!! 🙂 I’m gonna ask for a few things for my birthday too!!! Who knows maybe I can win the lottery and buy one of everything in every color, man that would be SOOOO much fun!!!

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Yummy Chocolate

One of my favs!!!

One of my favs!!!

So since I spend a lot of my time searching for things on the Internet or watching movies, or the ever so popular reading gossip magazines. Not the national inquirer or star but rather OK! or in style, or I even read Southern Savvy the other day. I guess its a magazine about Southern Woman and their involvement in political and charity type things. It was really interesting and fun to read about local things and things that actually help people out, but the most amazing thing happened when I was reading the last few pages of this magazine…. I saw an advertisement for this company that has a “Chocolate of the Month Club” WOW how amazing would that be!!! who needs to go to the store, you have a box of truffles coming over month, never mind that the most expensive 12 truffle box for a 13 month membership costs &522.00!!! Yes you read that correctly, five hundred and twenty-two dollars!!! OMG that chocolate better have bits of gold in it right!? haha So I got curious to what other things, that would actually be in my budget, does this website have to offer. and OMG there is such wonderful sounding chocolates, covered nuts, or candy pieces that would probably be fit for a Princess!!! I think I might add this to my bucket list of subscribing to this “Club” for a year!!! Oh I can wish cant I!?!? Sure I can! They even have this Chocolate that is a slab of hickory smoked bacon that is covered in milk chocolate… As everyone probably knows I am slightly obsessed with bacon, I love it, well can you imagine bacon covered in chocolate? I am trying to decide how that would taste.. good thing for me to dream about I guess, and maybe someday I will buy some!! Ooooohh then I could consider it breakfast since its bacon! hahhahah I can rationalize anything!!!!

So this website and I do challange you to go check it out and dream about all the wonderful things that you could buy! I seriously probably could eat anything from that site. I really think those tortilla chips that are covered in chocolate could be quite fantastic as well!!! So here it is… http://www.vosgeschocolate.com/ 

So go check it out!!!! And you can thank me for the extra 5 pounds we all can gain by just looking thru the wonderful pages and pages of chocolates!!!! Oh and the website is purple and the gift boxes are purple and my favorite color is What!?!?! PURPLE!!!! its a sign I think, makes it even more perfect for me!!!

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