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Random me…day 7!

So I haven’t blogged in forever and to get back into it I thought it would be fun to start with a picture So…


I started a new job about a month ago and am loving it!!! As we all know my life has NOT been how I thought it would have been. In fact in retrospect I am completely dumbfounded at how it all has worked out but that is the glory in LIFE!!!! If you can make the decision to work hard, keep going even when you don’t know what direction and have extreme deification toucan do anything!! Okay enough preaching from me! HaHa So at work I have been given the responsibility to create our bulletin boards in our hallways. Since it is a middle school you can’t go to cheesy but then you can’t go to artsy else it will just go right over their heads! So after some searching on my trusted Flickr website I found one with a quote I liked and from there it evolved!! “You are the author of your own life story!” At first it’s like oh that’s good but then when you really look at it, for me at least, it takes on a whole new life!!! The kiddos watched the progression from a blank board and then I added paper, scrapbook dicuts, newspaper, book covers of the most checked out library books (and yes Hunger Games made the board yay!!!!) and then the quote!! I never thought I would enjoy watching students look, read and contemplate even dissect a piece of art work that I created. It was an amazing feeling to know that by using some scrapbook paper, words, and some time I just might have changed a students life… Forever!! Which is why I love my job!!!

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To Luxor and Back!…Day 1

So I went to Vegas this past week and i am going to do a few for real blog postings about the actual trip but I thought some pics would be fun to show while I write the others!!! So here a few just to get you excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Textured Photo Challenge…Post 22

The new photo challenge is up and its theme is textured!! I believe I know what this means but you never can tell so I am going to post a few pictures of things that I believe fit the bill perfectly!! 🙂 SOoooooo be textured….

I like it!!!! Don’t you!?!?! let me know what you think about my textures!! 🙂

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My bucket list.. Post 21

The post-a-day challenge topic yesterday was to write your bucket list as a post! Well I wanted to post pics yesterday so I figured I would do my bucket list today! I compiled this list a few years back and continue to add. It is a random mix of “must-do” items that have been given up due to my crazy hips or just other things that caught my attention either seeing them on a movie, or read about them or really anything that I thought “oh Katie HAS to do this!” SO here we go…
1- Travel to every continent
2- Finish my book I am writing titled, The Perfect Glass
3- Find the most perfect pen
4- To walk without assistance
5- To run a 5K
6- To drive a car again
7- Go on a complete PAIN free vacation
8- Help a complete stranger
9- Find a book and start collecting all different editions/copies/versions made of it
10- Take a weekend trip someplace cold for a “writing weekend”
11- Make a collage of pictures I have taken of flowers and other photography art
12- Go to my 10 year high school reunion
13- Actually serve as a jury member
14- Find the most ironic piece of anything photograph it and frame it
15- Own a thousand movies
16- Plant a wall of bamboo
17- Go see the real pyramids
18- Take a gondola ride
19- Go white water rafting
20- Know Love
21- Love a child as my own
22- Find myself

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Path…Post 20

This weeks photo challenge is titled “Path” so naturally I searched thru my photos to see if I even have anything that will work! I wonder to my “Cancun” photo folder and my “Picture Art” folder and BAM there they are in all their glory!! Pictures of what I consider to be beautiful paths! So here they are…………..!!!!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Up!!…Post 14

So today I decided to take part of the weekly photo challenge!! Today’s topic is “Up” and whatever I interrupt that to be! I have chosen…. Palm Tree Beauty

This photo is from my trip to Cancun, Mexico this past September! We were laying out soaking up the sun rays and I saw this palm tree and decided to play with the light a lil to make the sun grab it a bit more of added effect!! It probably is one of my most favorite pics out of all 300 I took that week! I believe it fits the “Up” photo challenge for the week!! What you think!?!

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KT Update

Look at me doing two posts tonight!! Shocker I know! But I wanted to give a quick little update about me! I went to a new doc this week and was pleasantly surprised in him but still proceeding with cautious optimism if that makes sense!! I think after 11 years of the same problem you have to be that way. I am so ready to be up and going around like a “normal kt”!! But I am not sure what a “normal” person is anyway, but I hope to figure it out with everything else!!! Oh and I counted I have been on crutches for over 500 days straight!!!!! That is SOOOOO many! to many in my book, but I dont have a choice now do I! So I thank you for all the support and prayers, its getting me thru! 

I was able to get away a few weekends ago to the Gaylord Texan for the night. My sister and I went around in my wheelchair and I took some gorgeous pictures (at least I think so!!) of the flowers and some art work from there. I am blown away how beautiful a simple flower is!! Enjoy…

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