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Trust the Struggle

trust the struggle..
sometimes I think when you are going thru a struggle you feel like it is impossible to get over things. You force yourself to justify each moment and thought in hopes that it makes the whole process easier. You pick apart conversations and actions. There are those obstacles that sit in your way to trust again, to be happy, to love again. to want to dream, to just exist. i think we might have it all wrong. what if the key to get over things is to just simply get through them. To get on the other side of them. to know and trust that there is an opposite side to your struggle. it is visible at all times even if it doesn’t seem like it and it is clouded by the images of the problems existing right in front of you. It is there the opposite side where the struggles whatever it may be is smaller, less boldly existing. Trust the struggle, trust that at some point you will get through it, I cant promise that you will understand but you will get on that other side. Learn to let go, learn to forgive, learn to trust in order for you to get on the other side of what is blocking you from seeing the smaller struggle from your rearview mirror instead of the through the front windshield,,,

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Why I write…Day 4

So I was at target to by shampoo and conditioner well I got a bit distracted at all the notebooks and pens! Yes I said pens.. As you can see by my blog title I love pens.. I even have on my bucket list to find the most perfect pen.. I already found my most fav blanket and that is my North Carolina Tarheels blanket!! love it!!

Anyways moving on.. I found this notebook and thought this is perfect!!!!!! So her is a photo of it! It’s so simple yet for me as a wanna be writer it speaks volume! Kinda makes you think too.. So Enjoy..Think.. WRITE!!!!!


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Thank you doesn’t describe…Day 3

You might be seeing a trend going here with me including “days ” with the titles of my postings well I am really going to try and post a lil something everyday. It might be pictures.. .quotes… stories… weather… I mean really you get the point!!! So if you have a topic or thought you wish me to expand on or answer let me know and I would be honored to include it!!!

Now onto today’s post… As we start this brand new year I was thinking how grateful and thankful I am for every individual I have in my life right now… I have been thinking a lot lately about the contributions and support each person has on me, my spirit, my thoughts and my heart. It’s a good feeling to know that a friend is only a phone call or text away from me!! And in the same way I am just a phone call or text away from being there for you!! So with this new year rely on those people in your life that matter to you!!!! Be honest, be helpful, be kind, be supportive and most of all be fun!!!!!

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