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Trust the Struggle

trust the struggle..
sometimes I think when you are going thru a struggle you feel like it is impossible to get over things. You force yourself to justify each moment and thought in hopes that it makes the whole process easier. You pick apart conversations and actions. There are those obstacles that sit in your way to trust again, to be happy, to love again. to want to dream, to just exist. i think we might have it all wrong. what if the key to get over things is to just simply get through them. To get on the other side of them. to know and trust that there is an opposite side to your struggle. it is visible at all times even if it doesn’t seem like it and it is clouded by the images of the problems existing right in front of you. It is there the opposite side where the struggles whatever it may be is smaller, less boldly existing. Trust the struggle, trust that at some point you will get through it, I cant promise that you will understand but you will get on that other side. Learn to let go, learn to forgive, learn to trust in order for you to get on the other side of what is blocking you from seeing the smaller struggle from your rearview mirror instead of the through the front windshield,,,

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Simple Things…Post 29

Today was one of those days… I didn’t sleep well at all..My puppy Maxwell wanted to get up way to early…and then I was really sore from working out a lot lately… so i just really wanted to lay around all day but I told myself KATIE get out of bed and start your day! And that my friends is exactly what I did!!! I went to the gym and had a fabulous workout..it was arms day, my poor arms… Then ran a few errands. When I got home I decided I was going to fix my mirror wall in my bedroom and re-figure that out and then I thought while i am working I will move my fish tank into my bedroom! Which meant I had to completely empty it out, the fish were not happy about that but now they have a very clean tank!!! There is just something about the humming noise of a fish tank that is so relaxing to me! So while doing all of these tasks today I just kept thinking to myself of all the simple things in life that bring me so much happiness, the simple pleasures!! Life gets tiring or to hectic or just stressful.. its hard to see the simple things that make you happy…but I am choosing to see those things, to acknowledge them and enjoy them more! 🙂

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