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the unwritten rule of “Must by this age…..”

The unwritten rule of “Must by this age”…

Graduate by 18.
Out of college in 4 years.
Married by 25.
House with white picket fence 2 kids and 1 dog by 28.

Does age, gender or circumstances put undo pressures on people and why…
I am beginning to wonder if anyone is supposed to accomplish tasks or things by a certain age because society thinks they should or if its actually what people want to do. I was presented with the question to myself really that at what age do adults need to have a job or be married or have kids. Is turning a year older bring certain requirements that society thinks are past due. I for one did not do anything according to timing of “the world.” Due to my hips I didn’t finish college in four years, didn’t have a job right out of school, still lived with my parents for a good four years, made zero income. According to society, and outsiders perspective i was not doing the natural progression of life. I remember when I was in grade school the challenge among young people was to graduate from high school. Then it progressed to you must go to college… I feel like in 5-8 yrs its going to be the status quo to get your masters. Jobs will require it if you would like to achieve more then an entry level job. This ladder of what you must achieve does not stop with jobs or education. It continues into your personal life as well.

I remember me and my sisters thought how we all would be married and pregnant by at least 25. Well I can say that didn’t happen for two of the three of us. We are all approaching our early thirties and only one is married and had her first child. Shows like 16 and pregnant are watched by thousands of viewers watching as these 16 year olds have a baby and start their adult life at a very young age. Very young age. I can only think if that was kids thinking they had to hurry and get their life going because they didn’t want the career route as I mentioned before.

Expectations for ones life shouldn’t be based on any factors then what you as an individual experience. Life does not go the same direction for any two people. And quite possibly if you could rewind and live your life again I promise you probably wouldn’t live it the same way either. Be encouraged by the journey. Be encouraged that you get 1 life and you get to make your choices and decisions by what you like, want and possibly need. A text book or manuscript does not exist for how your life should play out. There in lies the beauty of life.

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