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First day pic… Day 6

I’ve missed posting a few days because I started my new job!!! Woohoo!!! I am loving it!! And while like everything brings learning, challenges and just plain hard work I am so up for it!!! I am very excited about the journey I am on and can’t wait to see where it takes me!!!! Along with working everyday I actually get to get dressed in more than jeans and a tshirt so I thought I would post what I wore on my first day of my new job!!!!


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More than all the fishies in the sea!! Post 32

I love you more than all the fishies I’n the sea!!! fish!!!! Especially in a fish tank! And that my friends is what I have! It used to be in my living space but it didn’t get the attention it needed so I moved it to my bedroom were I can enjoy it a lot more! Only three fish were left after the move so today we went and got some more!! You kinda can see in the picture some of them swimming around but they are small! Hopefully they will grow and can post more pics!! I even got two shrimp which are so fun but they like to hide! I was able to get two jet black fish who are beautiful! They like to hide behind the rocks but they might warm up to the fact that I will love them and take care of them! Haha I’m thinking about naming them! Suggestions?!?!

My title came from the Anna Nicole Smith show when she is talking to her family. Someone says “I love you more than all the fishies in the sea” and Anna Nicole says “that much me to also”!!! Hysterical right?!? Anyways I found it wickedly appropriate for this post!!


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